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Acne-caused scars

The scars that result from severe forms of acne may be stigmatizing to any person due to the visible imperfections of the skin. Early care for acne is the best method to avoid and minimise the apparition of the scars. there is no form of treatment that can entirely remove the damage the acne has caused; therefore, multimodal approach is usually required for the best results possible. The selection of the treatment is established by the dermatologist and the doctor will take into consideration the types of the scars, side effects, recovery time and costs.

The dermatologist will perform a clinical examination in order to establish the scarring type (atrophic, hypertrophic, keloid) and the association with pigmentary changes that can enhance the unpleasant aspect.

There are three steps of the treatment:

1. The first phase consists of erythema treatment and local treatment of the scars that are most likely to be resistant to collagen remodeling procedures;

2. Collagen remodelling procedures (laser,peeling, dermabrasion, skin needling);

3. Additional treatments (hyaluronic acid injections, ablative/non-ablative fractional laser).